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Welcome to SOL y LUNA LOGISTICS International Mail Services in Ajijic / Lakeside on Lake Chapala Mexico.

Conveniently mail your international letters and packages through the U.S. mail / UPS / or FedEx. You can also have a USPS approved mail box with a Laredo Texas address while in Mexico.

Dear valued customers;

We all are experiencing the consequences of the devaluation of the peso, reflected in transporting costs, gas, cost of living and salaries.

But unfortunately we now have to proceed to a rate adjustment to compensate for the dramatic increases of all our operational costs, in US$ in Laredo and in MX$ here in Ajijic.

Please see the historical rates for Sol y Luna over the past seven years.  Showing our valued customers the need for this unavoidable adjustment.

HISTORICAL RATES FOR SOL Y LUNA:(based on a yearly contract)
Year               MXN                (Approx. USD)
2010              $3,300.00                $256.00
2012              $3,300.00                $214.00
2014              $2,500.00                $200.00
2016              $2,750.00                $149.00
2017              $3,400.00                $165.00

Please Note, Due to the increasing demand of mail being received, we can no longer advise the content of your mail via phone.
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